The cost of the transfer of the cargo into the country 1-how to pay the price of inputs: since space is the place to buy this is established and the political problems of the day is also a bit of paying the amount of vendors has been having trouble with the importers must accordingly pay this fee payment in the world that assuming that there is no barrier to the three methods. 1-LC 2-method of payment method of payment for the goods 3-account account directly with the help of a credit card or direct bank transfer bank or money exchange. each of these three methods of paying the cost to the importer that in two cases the prime cost of the Bank they receive and in the third method, Sarraf or company credit card service provider with high transfer for any amount will receive a transfer fee . Pay off the cost price of the goods as well as on the shoulders of the importer. 2-types of transport: the calls of many loved ones turned out to be a lot of them think that the importers are our dear precious over global prices to supply inputs to loved ones and the difference in price resulting from the net profit of committed shmernd but the reality is no longer so. (Get the profits it is logical but logical profit?) Dear friends must have carefully consider the price stated on the site established in bndergaht specifies that the delivery price on purchased goods transfer tab (which can be different port) and FOB (FOB), has been determined. Here’s to better understand the meaning of nacharm has a bit to go to the sideline and got the point I mentioned in international trade during the purchase of goods, the part we have to say it how to carry or transport companies as international shipping term. This term in the contract between the buyer and the seller of goods has been determined and is based on a variety of types of seller’s or buyer’s responsibilities for the goods. To better understand the meanings they carry several types briefly that is very common in our country you can name, but you can go for more information on the Incoterms 2010 book published by the Chamber of Commerce, and is located in the market. in today’s world we have three types of ground transportation methods (which include truck and rail) and marine air that sometimes, due to the kind of cargo or destination that cargo should carry to much Integration with marine ground method is the method that combines methods to it. On the methods of their application that are using the expressions contained in the midst of transit procedures are the same and they all have application. This terminology in the compiled a book called the Incoterms. EXW delivery at the place specified in the contract, which is more the door factory in the country of origin. Shipped from origin with the buyer: FOB for sea freight sea freight for the FCA, non-marine (air and ground) with the seller: CFR for sea freight marine and non-marine transportation for CPT (air and ground) is now the common terminology and the cost if you use these terms apply to you and you must pay the glimpse we review. Be aware that shipping companies should be based on the rules that each of these terms have been defined based on their price. EXW EX or Work: on the basis of this term the seller only the goods in his factory or place at the disposal of the buyer and the buyer is responsible for loading even as well. All the costs of customs formalities, effects and taxes related to the origin of goods in sdero and port and destination customs formalities costs along with commodity prices and the costs of transportation of the goods and the buyer is responsible for insurance and a company must be all the costs of such cargo is mentioned in response to an inquiry and calculation. Free On Board (FOB): the delivery of the ship on deck at the specified port: it is merely a term marine and allow to use it in a non-maritime transport. The seller is liable for the goods port in your country that can be specified by the buyer. For the transfer of goods from the Harbour on the deck of the ship harbour fees awarded costs in this type of carry on FOB seller of goods. All customs formalities, effects, the taxes related to the export of goods are also responsible for the vendor of the goods. Free Carriage (FCA): delivery to the carrier at the designated place: in this way the seller pursuant to the request of the buyer, the buyer of the goods at the place designated by the company to the buyer with the carrier. All customs formalities, taxation relating to the export of commodities for the vendor of the goods. In this way if you want to book the goods shipped the product the seller is bound to sea until the desired port buyer in his carriage and delivery there, but give the cost of the buyer at the port of origin. The cost of sea freight and port fees, also responsibility of the buyer. air cargo in order to deliver this cargo to airport customs commodity by the seller and the seller is responsible for all tasks as well as goods on air cargo. this type of transport is marine just like FOB with the difference that we work with and the head of the Harbour, and here with the airport. Cost Freight (CFR) &: rental costs up to the specified destination port: in these terms the seller shipped your cost to put concluded. So carefully in mind that the seller shall carry the costs up to the point that its pay and made a point to mention the term must be یعد for example: CFR B

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