The terms of the opening of the LC announced
Moderation quotes the Central Bank in the wake of a comprehensive joint action program is executable (berjam) under a directive to items 7 ‘s opening credit and record the receipt of bank documents (drafts) is communicated to the network.
The Central Bank report said that considering that comprehensive joint action program (berjam) has been carried out, therefore, it is appropriate, in order to open credit and record the receipt of documents (drafts) in compliance with the provisions of the following items and currency in question, the necessary action.
1 statistical register of certification premises sources of Bank Muscat Bank currencies euro, CHF, GBP, JPY and Oman Rial is possible. Statistical registration certificate has been verified to the euro currency in Bank Muscat can be used for the supply of the currency of the Bank will be EIH.
✅ 2-l/c opening bank, Bank Muscat and EIH can be communicated as the Bank and the Bank’s trading and also cover set.
3 statistical registration certificate has been verified to the euro currency in the Bank for the import of non-Chinese origin of the کونلون, can be used in Bank Muscat or EIH Bank.
4 for order related to the import of goods with a maximum amount equivalent to 500.000 euro (for all cases, including the Hulk, کونلون Bank, Bank, etc.) Payment methods, currency transfer is possible with higher amounts for the order (with the exception of cases where the day before the implementation of statistical registration certificate berjam get approved) should be solely through the opening credit or sign the receipt (drafts) documents the action.
5 the deadline for the receipt of credit opening/registration documents from the date of issue (drafts) statistical registration certificate is one month and the supply time of Exchange it at the request of the bank payment documents and operating to valur in compliance with current procedures.
6 If you change the type of subject goods tariffs, exchange rates of bank credit “currency exchange” tothe applicant“, its merely an extension of the maturity of the place where the applicant’s Exchange will be possible.
7in order to increase foreign banks with credit power brokers, with foreign exchange deposits by the Central Bank of تودیع Bank of Persia for a three-month Libor rate and agree. Deposit amount according to the financial capacity and the volume of activity of the Bank’s currency. Extended deposit maturity shall be subject to the presentation of the operating deposit by the Bank performance report to the International Office of the Central Bank. Provide the facility of such foreign currency deposits to customers is prohibited.

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