1 a written request) shopping with the relevant company letterhead stating the type of shoppingShoppinghow to pay tonnage-profile Bank (ICPOLoi)
2) download full details along with a proposal announced by the seller to the buyer (SCO)
3) sent to the buyer by the seller of the contract draft
4) the signature of the contract by the seller and the buyer
5) issuance of the invoice to the buyer by the seller (PROFORMA INVOICE)
6) order the goods by the buyer according to the invoice
7) issued by the seller to the buyer purchase invoices to finance (COMMERCIAL INVOICE)
8 Financial Affairs) that according to the agreement with the seller to the following statements can be carried
(A) direct transfer to TT) for the full advance payment or by an agreement in two or three steps performed
(B) the LC opening l/c)
(C) the obligation of paying the Bank warranty)
9) after merkhlah 8 seller than to announce the start date and full details to the action by buyer
10) start downloading and sending the draft documents of the goods by the seller to the buyer and confirmed by the buyer, Ann
11) check out downloads and send the complete documents, customs and sanitary goods by the seller to the buyer it is worth mentioning the original documents or by the ship carrying the delivery destination and buyer’s agent gets will be send by post office or DHL will be the buyer

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